Courses in 2014

For kids…

The Path of Friendship (for kids)

Mindfulness for Kids (8 week course)

For adults…

MBSR for adults (8 weeks course) in Abermain, NSW

The Path of Peaceful Families (short courses for parents)

The Path of Collaboration (short courses for businesses)

Each of these courses uses the development of mindful awareness as a basis for self awareness / self management and social awareness / relationship management.

These courses are pathways for learning how to shift, change, and transform your life to one of greater peace, connection, and freedom. Participants learn how to work more skillfully with their thoughts, feelings, reactions, and to create a ‘gap’ where choice and freedom arise.

“It’s not so much what happens as it is how we are with ourselves regardless of what happens – that makes the difference in our lives.” Cheri Huber

Llamas and Mindfulness - What can llamas teach us about mindfulness?

A ‘Path of Friendship’ Participant