the need for meaningful connection with others

“In our loneliness and isolation, there is a deep longing, a yearning, usually unconscious or ignored, to belong, to be connected to a larger whole, to not be anonymous, to be seen and known.  For relationality, exchange, give-and-take, especially on an emotional plane, is how we are reminded that we have a place in this world, how we know in our hearts that we do belong.  It is deeply satisfying to experience meaningful connection with others.

We hunger for that feeling of belonging, for the feeling that we are connected to something larger than ourselves. We hunger to be perceived by others, to be noticed and valued for who we actually are, and not merely for what we do. And mostly we are not.”

Jon Kabat-Zinn ‘Coming to Our Senses’ (2005) p144

In the language of NVC, the need for connection, belonging, community, authenticity, trust, to see and be seen, and to be heard.

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