Mindful Kids and Teens CD

Mindful Kids and Teens CD Image

Mindful Kids and Teens CD Image

I have been deeply touched by stories of how my guided meditations, prepared for my Mindful Kids Courses, have supported parents and their children. Parents tell me of how sitting together with their children at the end of the day, before bed, listening to a guided meditation, helps them all to experience calm and connection.

One mum shared this:

“We have been using the meditations and the children are both enjoying them. In particular M, who suffers from night terrors has been asking for them, as we have missed a couple of nights. Interestingly his night terrors do not seem to occur on the nights we do a meditation. M seems to have made this link too, and mostly it is him reminding me at night that we need to do them.”

And so I decided to make these guided meditations more widely available. You can purchase them at Amazon, iTunes, or here at CD Baby as MP3 downloads: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/karamatheson

I hope that my work will continue to support people of all ages to become more mindful of what they experience in life, to open more fully and joyfully to life, with more compassion for themselves and others.