Mindfulness for the Corporate World: ‘Search Inside Yourself’

I’ve been looking at the work of Chade-Meng Tan, an early software engineer at Google whose current job description is “enlighten minds, open hearts and create world peace.” Chade-Meng Tan designed Search Inside Yourself, a course in Mindfulness for Google employees, and it has proved to be very popular. Search Inside Yourself is now a book….

“Created in collaboration with a Zen master, a CEO, a Stanford University scientist, and Daniel Goleman (the guy who literally wrote the book on emotional intelligence), this program is grounded in science and expressed in a way that even a skeptical, compulsively pragmatic, engineering-oriented brain like Meng’s can process. Whether your intention is to reduce stress and increase well-being, heighten focus and creativity, become more optimistic and resilient, build fulfilling relationships, or just be successful, the skills provided by Search Inside Yourself will prove invaluable for you. This is your guide to enhancing productivity and creativity, finding meaning and fulfillment in your work and life, and experiencing profound peace, compassion, and happiness while doing so.”

Chade-Meng Tan has packaged Mindfulness in a way that appeals to the corporate world. He calls it Emotional Intelligence and points out that it is good for success:

  • Learn to calm the mind and you will be able to concentrate better, be more productive, and produce better work.
  • Create insight into yourself and you will be able to self-regulate and motivate yourself better.
  • Nourish your heart and you will work better with others.

I see why the corporate world values such a course. Great work, Meng!

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