A gift of Self-Kindness for Children

“The purpose of self-kindness is to connect with our common wish to be happy, not to aggrandize the ‘self’, which only causes more misery.

“Sitting with yourself is like sitting with a dear friend who’s not feeling well; you may not cure your friend, but you’ll have offered the kindness he or she deserves.

“Loving-kindness practice doesn’t directly change how we feel, but it helps us hold ourselves in a gentle way that lets emotions change by themselves.

“One reason for giving ourselves kindness is that we feel we don’t deserve it. Feelings of worthlessness are lurking in almost everyone, even in teachers of loving-kindness.” Christopher K. Germer, PhD

As a Christmas gift to all children I offer the meditation ‘Feeling love’, so that children might learn to hold themselves with loving-kindness, and share loving-kindness with all beings in the world. At this time of giving, I offer this meditation freely and hope that it might help some children to connect with their common humanity, to hold themselves with kindness, and to experience an antidote to any feelings of worthlessness that may be lurking within them.

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