A Mindfulness Course for Teens


Kara is a certified teacher of the .b program for teens (12 – 18yo).

.b, pronounced [dot-be], stands for ‘Stop, Breathe and Be!’ It is a course created by Mindfulness in Schools Project,  a non-profit organisation whose aim is to encourage, support and research the teaching of secular mindfulness in schools.

This 9-week course course offers a way in to mindfulness that teens find fun, accessible and of genuine use in their lives. The aims of .b are:

  • for all (teachers and students) to know about mindfulness
  • for most to enjoy it
  • for many to use it now and again
  • for some to practise daily
  • for as many as possible to remember it

Today the course has been expanded as an offering for teachers, staff and parents, as well as for primary students. It is being taught in 12 countries, and translated into Dutch, Danish, Finnish, German, French and American English.

Because .b is designed by teachers, it is packaged with a specific pedagogy that makes teaching– and learning– mindfulness approachable and relevant to school life, whether that be a stressed teen facing exams, a bullying issue on the playground, a performance moment in sports or music, or enhanced listening and interpersonal communications for teachers.

The audio-visual resources, animations, teacher lesson plans, student booklets, and rigorous certification programme ensure authentic, current materials that are evidence-based and continually evolving.

Source: http://mindfulnessinschools.org/about/our-story/