For schools

Why Mindfulness is Needed in Education…



Toxic stress impairs attention, emotion and mood regulation, sleep, and learning readiness. Even more troubling, prolonged exposure to childhood toxic stress has lifelong impacts on mental and physical health.



Toxic stress starts as decreased productivity and creativity, escalating to more serious symptoms like frequent anxiety, dissociation, frustration, and, eventually, burnout. (Source:

Kara’s ed21c training improves our ability to manage a number of significant psychological challenges associated with stress.

Build a school community where there is more kindness, respect and attention because teachers and students are better able to focus and to regulate their difficult emotions.

There are several options available:

For teachers

Kara can introduce mindfulness to teachers. This could be:

  • visiting your weekly staff meeting to talk for an hour;
  • a morning ‘taster’;
  • a one day workshop;
  • an 8 week MBSR course after school.

For primary students

Kara welcomes an opportunity to work with your primary students. This could be:

  • for a term, visiting the class in school time for 20 – 30 minutes each week;
  • after school.

For high school students

Kara welcomes an opportunity to work with your high school students. For high school, Kara can use the Mindfulness in Schools Project’s .b curriculum, or the Mindful Schools’ Adolescent Curriculum, as she has trained to teach both. These are 9 week courses which involve 45 – 60 minute sessions each week for 9 weeks. This can be delivered:

  • in class time;
  • after school.

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