Kids 8 Week Mindfulness Course

The Mindful Kids Course is an 8 week program, where kids meet once a week for an hour with Kara. During the weekly sessions, kids enjoy games, mindful movement, wisdom stories and other activities, through which they explore their thoughts, emotions, and body sensations. Children learn about their brains, and come to understand how our neuro-physiological responses affect the way we think and feel, and how we can respond skilfully when we get triggered, for greater calm and balance in life. Children can develop:

  • emotional literacy and regulation of emotions,
  • awareness of how their experiences show up in the body,
  • strategies to manage stress,
  • ability to orient attention,
  • awareness of a ‘moment of choice’,
  • kindness towards self.

This course is based on the adult’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Program.

Ages: For children 5 – 12yo


Parents are invited to stay and watch each week.

Register with Kara: 0406 520 027 or

This course can be delivered for groups of children in your community or school. If you you would like to organise a course for your group, please contact Kara to discuss cost and logistics.

Home practice materials are provided.

Please note that the mindfulness training Kara offers is educational rather than therapeutic.

It does not constitute clinical treatment but is a sharing of mindfulness techniques to support children in developing their own practice in daily life.

Some feedback on Mindful Kids: “I just want to let you know that it was very helpful for my son to attend the Mindful Kids Course.  It allowed him to express his confusion and angst and probably paved the way for him to open up his sense of enjoyment, that had diminished with grief. Sharing feelings, especially confusing and painful feelings in a group is very empowering for everyone, and the way that you facilitate it Kara, is so subtle yet very powerful.  I noticed some very focused changes in my son after every session, you could not have come into our lives at a better time. Although the group will not always meet in the same form, we will always remember the connections, we will always look, taste and feel mindfully when confronted with melon, freshly baked choc chip biscuits and a quiet walk.” Mother to 10yo boy

“Doing this course with my children was a delight.  It gave us new language to use and new ways to see.  It took us out of our usual way of seeing each other and we had fun!” Dr Jennie Broughton GP Newcastle